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Services at a Glance

MPR can manage your project from its start. We trade in available properties. We advise on financing solutions. And once your restoration is complete, we manage property maintenance and holiday rentals, as well as all the other post-restoration needs for your property.

Our core competency is what happens in-between - the transformation of the stones and roof tiles into "Chiave in Mano", or Key in Hand as the Italians say…the moment when you open the door of the classic country home you've envisioned, completely customized to your personal tastes. Our services include:

Restoration Team Assembly
o Geometras
o Building Companies
o Electricians
o Plumbers
o Pool Companies
o Landscape Garderners

Architectural Designs & Structural Restoration/Construction
o Experienced Geometras & Builders - project-proven, market-knowledgeable
o Extraordinary Talents that bring the vision to life

Municipal Authorizations and Approvals
o Our expertise is at the local community level - local laws, local planning boards, even local mayors & town architects…
o We understand required authorizations & approvals and we have hard-earned experience obtaining them

Landscape Designs
o Our landscape designers are amongst the areas best, ensuring the environment surrounding your restored property is as well planned and beautiful as the house itself

Inside-the-Home Custom Appointments
o This is where our experience and network allow your personal tastes to flourish…
o We provide the sources and suggestions, YOU make the decisions. From types of plastering, to wooden beam options, to local artisans specializing in bath tiles, to high end appliance dealer, to fireplace designers, to the craftspeople who create custom windows and work wonders in wrought iron.

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