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The Restoration Process - A Primer

Once you have purchased your home in Italy and require some form of restoration, the following general processes apply:


Whether you are restoring a property, adding an extension or cutting a new road, you will need to present a professional design to the appropriate council, or commune, detailing the works involved. This is developed and submitted by a licensed geometra, engineer or architect.

Our geometras, et. al., provide the expertise that ensures your project's design is within legal, aesthetic and general budget constraints. Once the designs have been completed they will be submitted by our geometra for council approval.

The process of submission to approval routinely requires 2 months (while in a listed area, one is legally bound to wait a further 60 days for the project to be approved by a higher council). At the beginning of the project we will spend time with you explaining in detail the whole process of applying for permissions, as they tend to differ for each restoration and vary from town to town.

Project Estimates

Once we have established what the project entails, we calculate a detailed 'Bill of Quantities' (Elenco prezzi), which itemises each task to be carried out. This is documented in both English and Italian.

A great deal of effort goes into preparing and calculating the total costs (Preventivo) of the whole restoration job, as we aim to avoid, wherever possible, any controllable budget overruns.

The final price that we present to you represents a market cost evaluation of the entire job, which in turn helps us to be stringent with contractors and builders from the onset.

All budgets are presented plus or minus a customary %. This process allows us to provide you with an estimate that in accurate reflection of current market conditions as applied to your town, property and specifications.

Organisation of Works

As mentioned previously, at MPR we have carefully constructed an experienced network of builders, plumbers, electricians, pool suppliers, etc. with whom we have maintained strong professional relationships over the years.

We work closely with the geometra to take care of the day-to-day works and address issues as they arise while maintaining an overall view of the project at the same time.

This approach of combining hand-on and high-level involvement is key to the process of ensuring that all works go according to plan and adhere to legal and technical standards.

Communication and Reporting

As many of our clients are not based permanently in Italy through the duration of their project, regular communication and reporting is a major element of project health (and of client-satisfaction!) and counts for over 30% of our dedicated time.

Using the aid of digital photography, email, telephone and fax, we keep you updated through reports detailing work completed, accounts and photographs wherever you are in the world.

We hope to give all our customers the genuine feeling of confidence and peace of mind when embarking on the challenging but exciting start to a life and home in Italy.

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