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The MPR Project Management System

We work for you. We're the project manager. You're the project's inspirational leader.

Our project management system is rooted in MAXIMUM CLIENT INVOLVEMENT & DAY-TO-DAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL. This simple focus takes the complexity out of your restoration.

No matter where in the world you reside, MPR keeps you in the loop. We can customize a communication protocol in which you are updated on your restoration's status and progress.

We are fully digital and able to provide you with project updates by e-mail and digital photography to intimately involve you in all decision-making on a real-time basis.

All project management is headed by bi-lingual managers.

Our updates focus on construction details, status of permissions, budgetary details and timeline status. Most importantly, we have our boots on the ground, EVERYDAY.

Our proximity to your project means that a MPR team member is personally managing your project on a daily basis. That's how things get done and that's how they get done right.

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